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San Fermín Festival

On Wednesday of the second week of class we went to the San Fermín festival in Pamplona. The sanfermines happen every year starting on the July 6th and ending on the 14th. Every morning during the festival at 8am there’s an encierro, which is known to the rest of the world as the running of the bulls. Each running includes six bulls and six oxen that run through the old part of the city and end in the Plaza de Toros stadium. Getting up at 4am to catch the bus was a little rough, but the experience was definitely worth it. The running was shown on two big screens in the stadium. After the encierro we stayed in the stadium for about an hour to watch the young bulls chase people and throw them in the air.


We left the stadium in search of some churros and chocolate, which we quickly found in the Plaza de Castilla. The dessert combination was amazing, and settled my grumbling stomach. The rest of our time in Pamplona we spent wandering around the older part of the city that the bulls run through. It was nice to have some free time to just explore, shop for souvenirs, and take lots of pictures. The amount of enthusiasm the city has for the festival was crazy, and it was rare to see someone that wasn’t decked out in red and white.


After Pamplona we visited San Sebastián for a few hours and got to enjoy the sun and beach. The little bit that I saw of the city was beautiful and very quaint. The day went by quickly like every other day here. It felt great getting home to relax after getting up so early and being so active all day.